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Over 100 brands like Nestle, Mars, Philips, Microsoft are already paying to use Unboxed

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Over 40k active members.
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15 marketing and blockchain professionals supported by a solid advisory board.

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At Unboxed.network everyone is an influencer. Everyone can earn money from social media.


andrewoptics, US
Earning from Tep wireless
positivelypearson, US
Earning from SugaryCharm
rebeka.liepina, Latvia
Earning from
Karen Millen and Nestle
€100 + €30

Driven by OraclesWe're building a blockchain oracle infrastructure for user-driven marketing


Brands use influencer marketing services to pay people directly instead of paying social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc) but they need trusted data sources:

  1. To accurately match-make people (interest match, has real targeted followers)
  2. To check content / review quality and rank it
  3. To check if performance data is reliable so that they can reward users fairly


Oracles - a network of trusted data providers that perform reality checks in a decentralized system to connect smart contracts with real world events.

The Unboxed Token SaleToken adoption is key to bringing blockchain to millions of people. By empowering the network through our Oracles, we’ll enable people like you to get paid for posting. That’s not all; you’ll also be able to spend tokens to buy products you love.

Utilities of NBOX token

Token distribution

Total supply: 750,000,000

Influencer marketing 360See how NBOX tokens will be utilized by everyday social media users

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Tadas Deksnys

Started an official career at 17 as a web developer. Sold 1st venture at 18 (small exit). Created a social network for pet owners and built a marketplace on top of it, became a category leader and sold the company in 2014. Founded 3rd company - Unboxed. Graduated from the leading US based accelerator The Alchemist. Raised funds from 12 investors

Vilius Vaičiulis
Software Developer
Ieva Mackevičiūtė
Marketing Specialist
Donatas Smailys

Established first startup at age of 24. Became CEO of a startup incubator backed by the biggest tech university in Lithuania. Member of Digital Leaders group at World Economic Forum. Organizer of TEDxKaunas, public speaker. Established and is now an executive manager of Lithuanian Startups Association

Augustinas Tarabilda
Business Developer

Started investing in bitcoin in early 2014. Worked with Bankera for the pre-ICO, ICO and post-ICO period. Started his first business at age of 12. Have been in e-commerce for well over 7 years. Graduated top business university in the region

Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD

Holds a BA/MA in Mathematics and a MSc in Pure Mathematics (PART III - Number Theory Group) from University of Cambridge. Managing Director at Cyprus Blockchain technologies. Director of Analytics & Business Intelligence at Cyprus International Institute of Management. Research Fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Dovydas Reinikevičius

Founder of digital marketing agency BeeMarketing, working with top brands in the region and globally. Digital marketing campaigns for McDonalds, Frosch, Atea and others. 8 years of experience with digital marketing. Started career at 12. Introduced flashmob movement to Lithuanian community

Justina Valytė
Senior Account Manager
Malcolm Stewart
Copywriter - Story Builder
Vėjūnė Krašinskienė
Marketing Specialist
Elena Vėgėlytė

Has an extensive experience in advising local and international start-ups and IT companies on wide range of regulatory and taxation matters of crypto currency transactions and blockchain token sales. Before moving to start-up world, Elena was managing a pan-Baltic blockchain technology working group at one of the largest law firms in Lithuania

Vytenis Narušis

National programming competition finalist. Graduated in Software Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology within the top 1%. Worked at the international software development company Devbridge Group. Developed software for multinational multi-million revenue, organizations like Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Louis Dreyfus, Morningstar

Jonas Smailys
Sales Development Representative
Lauryna Tamošiūnaitė
Senior Account Manager
Andrius Pocius

Founder of BORN IN IDEA in 2003, a leading provider of web design and development in Eastern Europe, serving top brands both in the region and globally;. Experienced Business Development Manager with focus and expertise in UX/UI and CRO of digital products.. Developing smartcustomizer.com project for last 3 years

Karolina Sodeikaitė
Account Manager
Aldona Unikienė


Juergen Brock

Former CMO for Americas at Fujitsu, now working in the global Fujitsu CMO team

Daniel Tawiah

Worked as VP of global brand digital marketing innovation at Nike

Cristobal Alonso

Global CEO and ICO advisor at Startup Wise Guys

Paul Scott

Helped raise 30M USD for Faceter

Tadas Langaitis

CFA certified professional, Angel investor, partner at an investment bank, worked in the first VC fund in the Baltic states.

Juan Otero

Part of the Ex-Management Team at Booking.com

Tomas Ramanauskas

Creatively guided dozens of brands such as Carlsberg, Swedbank, Nike, Telia, Maxima, and many, many others

Arnoldas Rogoznyj

Founder of LOGIN conferences

Road show

What's new

Why Unboxed is a Game ChangerCombining the convenience of Paid Ads with the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing

How it worksBrands create a campaign, then our trusted network of thousands of Marketing Experts - oracles find the best Unboxers for the project. An Unboxer is a social media user like you who gets paid for posting and engaging.

PartnersWe’re a trusted influencer management partner for agencies:


What is Unboxed Network?

Unboxed Network is a blockchain based system that allows businesses to pay you directly for using your influence. This means you get a share of the $36 billion they’re spending per year on Facebook ads. So for every brand related photo you upload and for every comment you post you can get paid.

What is Unboxed Network business model?

Unboxed Network is introducing a freemium business model, which allows businesses to use the platform free-of-charge and only pay for results. This means they only pay when the campaign achieves quality engagements.

How is Unboxed Network different?

Unboxed Network is revolutionising influencer marketing for both, businesses and social media users. The Unboxed Network is the only freemium platform that will allow businesses to launch high quality, low cost word-of-mouth campaigns within seconds. It’s a simple, fast and scalable solution to businesses worldwide. Moreover, Unboxed Network will allow everyday social media users to get paid for posting and engaging on social media. Regardless of their following size and even creative abilities, everyone will find their place on Unboxed Network and will earn on social media.

How does the Unboxed Network work?

Businesses create a campaign and choose their target audience based on specific criteria. Blockchain oracles select appropriate Unboxers for the campaign, who then create and post unique content suited specifically to the campaign. Unboxers and Blockchain oracles are paid for their posts and the engagement they create.

What is a Blockchain oracle?

To assure content and engagement quality, we are introducing Blockchain oracles. Blockchain oracles play a key role in the Network. They rank Unboxers and approve them for specific campaigns, as well as approve user generated content for specific campaigns. These decisions are based on the content quality, past performances, how well they match particular brand and adhere to the campaign guidelines. Blockchain oracles ensure that all decisions are made in an unbiased and neutral manner.

What problems does Unboxed actually solve?

We’re solving the scalability problem that’s very prominent with the micro-influencer marketing. As campaign management is a very high touch process and consumes a lot of time, there is no clear leader in the market. With our unique solution business will benefit from both, word-of-mouth and paid ads, combining the advantages and eliminating the disadvantages altogether: word-of-mouth campaigns can be launched as easy as Facebook ads, and the reward goes to those who actually deserve it - social media users. All done quickly and efficiently. Unlike other Influencer marketing solutions, the Unboxed Network will not only allow businesses to pay you directly for posting brand related content, but for engaging with brand related content as well. Because we use Blockchain, we can give companies a direct and simple way of instantly paying social media users to reward for their efforts. This means the $36 billion spent on influencer marketing each year will go directly into the hands of people who spread word-of-mouth. People like you.

When does the token sale start?

Public token sale dates are going to be announced in the near future – stay tuned!

How can I participate in the token sale?

There are a few ways for you to participate in the Unboxed token sale:

  1. Participate in the Unboxed Airdrop. Register on https://unboxed.network/login, where you will find some fun challenges that will put you well on the way to receiving your Unboxed Tokens (NBOX). Help the Unboxed community grow, spread the word and get a share of $1 million worth of Unboxed Tokens.
  2. Get Whitelisted. Reserve your spot now to receive up to 55% bonus. Only the first 5 000 will be eligible for the bonus. Register at https://unboxed.network/whitelist and reserve your spot.
  3. Private pre-sale. Become one of the early contributors of the Unboxed ICO. We offer exclusive deals for early contributors, planning to contribute 10 ETH or more. Contact Unboxed CBDO Donatas Smailys through the button at https://unboxed.network/dashboard to get more details about our private pre-sale.
When will the Airdrop start and how do I join?

The Unboxed Airdrop is LIVE. You can join the Airdrop program today on https://unboxed.network/login.

When will I receive my Unboxed Tokens (NBOX)?

You will receive your Unboxed Tokens to your Unboxed account immediately after purchase. Your tokens will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet after the token sale.

What size is the soft cap and the hard cap?

Our soft cap is 38,250,000 Unboxed Tokens - this is the minimum goal for our token sale. Our hard cap is 382,500,000 Unboxed Tokens.

What is the total supply of Unboxed Tokens?

The total supply of Unboxed Tokens will be 750,000,000.